Chanterelle Pasta L.                                                                                             17,00

Fresh pasta with fried chanterelles and onions

in a creamy sauce and parmesan cheese

Cheese Soup with Smoked Reindeer L.G.                                                     16,00

Cold-smoked reindeer in a rich cheese soup        

Sweet Potato Soup G.VE.                                                                                   15,00

A rich soup with sweet potato puree and coconut milk

Goat Cheese Salad L.G.                                                                                      18,00

Goat cheese, iceberg lettuce, roasted pine nuts,

balsamico, red onion and strawberry compote

Chicken Salad L.G.                                                                                               18,00

Grilled chicken breast, iceberg lettuce, roasted pine nuts,

parmesan cheese, balsamico, red onion and strawberry compote

Paljakka Steak L.G.                                                                                              27,00

Grilled 200g sirloin steak with pepper sauce,

potato wedges and caramelised root vegetables

Minute Steak L.G.                                                                                                  22,00

Pounded sirloin steak with pepper seasoned butter,

country style fries, and caramelised root vegetables

Paljakka Schnitzel L                                                                                            22,00

200g schnitzel with pickled cucumber mayonnaise

and country style fries

Grilled Salmon L.G.                                                                                              22,00

Grilled salmon with dill and lemon creme fraiche,

almond potato mash, and Brussels sprout and broccoligratin

Mooseburger L.G.                                                                                                 19,00

Juicy moose and pork steak with red onion and strawberry compote,

cheddar, crunchy iceberg lettuce, lingonberry

and horseradish mayonnaise,and country style fries




Chocolatefondant L                                     9,50

Vanilla ice cream and blueberrymelba 

Bread cheese and cloudberry jam L.G.   

Grilled bread cheese with cloudberry jam

Strawberry and chocolate cake
and vanilla ice cream                                    9,50

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