Summer activities

Hiking and trekking

Relax in the peaceful natural surroundings of an amazing primeval forest embrace.

At Paljakka, there are routes of different lengths (starting from 1 km) and difficulty (from easy to more
challenging), which are easily accessible. The most popular longer routes are Ilveskier-ros (13 km) just by the
strict nature reserve, Paljakan polku (20 km), and the choice for seasoned rangers, the Köngäskierros hike (60
km). We also offer guided hikes, ranging from short trails of a few hours to expeditions of 2 to 3 days. Cycling
routes start from the heart of the resort, no transportation is needed.


A canoeing trip in a slow-running river relaxes.

If you want to leave the shore behind to enjoy the waters, head downstream along the river from the fishing
park on a canoe or kayak. You can take a short paddling trip or spend half a day — there is plenty of river, even
for paddling all day long. For those who prefer a self-guided paddling trip, we rent canoes for two to three
persons and kayaks for one person. Furthermore, we offer guide services and even provide transportation
from an agreed spot by the river back to Paljakka.

Summer fatbiking

Enjoy the charming hill scenery and routes by bicycle.

The hilly terrain and nature around Paljakka have a lot to offer for everyone who enjoys bicycling. At Paljakka,
you can test your skills on tracks of all lengths suitable for all-terrain bikes and fatbikes, from demanding forest
trails to pleasant cycling roads. Cycling routes start from the heart of the resort, no transportation is needed.
We arrange guided excursions and rent fatbikes, including electric bicycles.


Rapids in the wilderness, sand dunes and the fishing park.

You can find several spots to fish at Paljakka. There are brooks, rapids and lakes. Try fishing on seif dunes or on
the wilderness lake at the top of the hill. Another good spot to fish is the Paljakka Fishing Park in the middle of
the resort: the kilometre-long park has four ponds at the intersection between two rivers, a picnic area, two
‘kota’ huts and a fish-handling place. We arrange guided fishing tours and rent fishing equipment.

Bear watching and photographing

An evening journey into the kingdom of the king of the forests.

The brown bear, Finland’s national animal, is the largest predator in Europe. Seeing a wild brown bear in a
nature setting with your own eyes is an amazing experience. Join us on a bear watch-ing or photography
journey into the summery nature of Kainuu. Together with our cooperation partners, we arrange bear-
watching excursions to bear viewing spots near the Russian border. You will spend the evening safely in a bear-
watching booth, enjoying the summer night.

Husky programme summer

A friendly, furry pal at your service.

Join us on a guided walking tour with a sled dog! You’ll get your own personal dog or a joint one with your
partner. The dog’s leash will be tied to the pulling belt around your waist, and during the walking tour, your
friendly furry friend will make your steps feel lighter. You’ll get to enjoy nature and clean air. During the tour,
we’ll take a break by a wilderness campfire to cook sausages over a fire and drink some juice. Tours start from
the heart of the resort, no transportation is needed.