Winter activities

Downhill skiing

The snowiest, highest and longest slopes in Kainuu.

The slopes at Paljakka offer adventures for skiers and snowboard-ers of all levels of experience. Paljakka has very easy (green), easy (blue), medium (red) and very difficult (black) slopes. Outside the slopes, you can downhill ski on untouched powdery snow. There are 15 slopes – of which 6 are lit and 2 are off-piste – and Snow Park, 6 lifts, the Bistro slope restaurant and the Panorama Cafe at the top. All slopes are located in the heart of the resort, no trans-portation is needed.

Cross-Country Skiing

Over 100 kilometres of well-maintained skiing trails surrounded by stunning nature.

The skiing trails are easy to access, and the distance from the ac-commodation to the trails is short. There are skiing trails of different lengths and difficulty. Shorter practice trails for beginners and less experienced skiers, and longer routes for more experienced ones. Some of the skiing trails run through glorious evergreen forests in the vicinity of the Paljakka Strict Nature Reserve. People who have skied there highly value its quiet and rugged environment.

Walking and Snowshoeing

A sense of authentic forest and wilderness in a pure natural environment.

A sense of authentic forest and wilderness in a pure, natural environ-ment. One unique aspect of Paljakka is its prepared walking routes in the midst of the forest. Well-signposted routes are a safe and easy way to enjoy the snowy natural landscape. Paljakka also has several types of terrain suitable for walking with snowshoes. Try climbing the summit of the Paljakanvaara hill or a lowland trek to a forest hut.

Husky programs

Dog sledding rides in the beautiful nature.

Siberian and Alaskan Huskies, big Greenland Dogs and snow-white Samoyed dogs pulling a sled full of people through snow-covered forests and hills. Even a short dogsled tour is an unforgettable experience, not to mention longer safaris. The excited barking of the dogs eagerly awaiting departure quickly gives way to the silence of nature. Add colour to your cheeks on a joyous trip through the gently falling snow.

Reindeer farm visit

A glimpse into the lives of reindeer and herders.

A reindeer is a half-wild, exotic animal that many people would like to see with their own eyes. The northern part of our municipality is the southernmost reindeer husbandry area in Finland. Led by our wilderness guide, you will get to visit a reindeer farm. The pro-gramme includes learning about reindeer and reindeer husbandry from a real reindeer herder. Everyone has the chance to participate in feeding the reindeer. We will enjoy a hot drink and sausages by the campfire, while listening to a reindeer herder tell us more about reindeer and life on a reindeer farm.

Riding Islandic horses

A ride on a smoothly moving horse.

Friendly Icelandic horses guarantee an unforgettable riding experience for both first-time and more experienced riders. Guided horseback riding tours are tailored to the group’s level, and the group proceeds either by trotting and töllting, or galloping faster on forest roads. The stable, which specialises in Icelandic horseback riding tours and Icelandic horse breeding, is located around half an hour away in Paltamo. Open all year round.


Safe snowmobile riding, wide network of trails, the best freeride area for snowmobiling.

Would you like to join a long snowmobile safari tour or a shorter, two-hour-long safari in the region and its surrounding areas? Take part in a guided safari or rent a snowmobile for your own private excursion. We offer safe snowmobile routes and experienced snow-mobile guides, who will show you how to operate a snowmobile. Here, even first timers can have safe but unforgettable experiences. There are plenty of routes to ride on: our 500-kilometre-long route network is connected to the 2,000-kilometre-long routes of Kainuu. Our freeride area is the first and best place to freeride in Finland!

Winter Fatbikes

Versatile fatbike routes and guided safaris.

Biking is a down-to-earth way of getting around, including in wintertime. The fat-tire fatbike is a new and quiet way of moving around in the natural environment and enjoying the winter forest. Riding on snow is an excellent addition to winter activities, and Pal-jakka offers superb conditions for this! Cycling routes start from the heart of the resort, no transportation is needed. We arrange guided excursions and rent fatbikes, including electric bicycles.

Ice Fishing

Great ice fishing opportunities with a unique Forellibaari experience.

Paljakka has come up with a new, comfortable way of ice fishing – a traditional Finnish fishing method – while staying protected from the winter weather. At the Paljakka Fishing Park, you can ice fish in an igloo-shaped, snow-white tent (Forellibaari) while sitting com-fortably in a camping chair. In addition, there are plenty of other ice fishing opportunities on ice-covered lakes, in the traditional manner under the winter sky. With an experienced guide, ice fishing is a pleasant experience. You will quickly learn ice fishing tips and tricks from the guide, while you tempt the fish to take the bait!

Nature photographing winter

The silence and peace of the forest and uspoilt night skies with no light pollution are an unfor-gettable experience. This guided photographing tour is targeted for anyone interested to improve his or her photograhpy skills. The wintry nature with its trees is under snow load and blue moments of dusk create magnificent surroundings for photography. Program is run by the experienced and awarded nature photographer.